Managing College Applications

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Now that the admissions season is in full swing here at Green Ivy, we thought it might be helpful to share some suggestions and strategies on managing what can easily become an overwhelming process. While most of what we offer here is aimed at students, there are some tips that parents might find helpful as … Continue reading

Green Ivy’s Top Five Picks for Parental Control Apps

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One of the biggest challenges of modern parenting today is monitoring and managing children’s screen time. Many households feel some level of tension around time spent behind a screen, whether it is concern over excessive hours spent on Instagram posts or online gaming. Parental control apps can be helpful in providing structure and safety. Some … Continue reading

Guest Post: Early Spring College Preparation Tips for Sophomores and Juniors

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When students work with us on the college application process, a key feature of our program is to “chunk” this massive project into manageable pieces and steps. This is really the best way that students can both stay on top of the process and keep their stress levels low. Students come into our offices in many … Continue reading