Five Ways to Encourage “Real” Reading in Teens, Even Resistant Readers

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I came across an interesting article in Education Week which focuses on how teachers can get reading-resistant students authentically engaged in the reading process. ‘Authentic engagement’ essentially means motivating students in a way that inspires their intrinsic motivations to read, not just simply assigning texts and hoping for the best. The rules are simple: let … Continue reading

Great Ways to Prevent the So-Called “Summer Slide” in Learning (Including Green Ivy Workshops!)

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Research varies on exactly how much knowledge students lose over the summer months, and in what subjects the deficits occur—it has been shown that students from all income levels lose math skills, while lower income students show a greater amount of reading comprehension loss than their middle and upper income peers—however, there is compelling evidence that using … Continue reading

Tips for Seniors: How to Handle the Waitlist

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It’s spring and all the admissions decisions are finally rolling in! For most seniors, this time is full of mixed emotions. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking to sort through your acceptances and rejections, not to mention one of the most vexing admissions situations: a spot on the waitlist. If you’re no longer interested in a school you’ve been waitlisted at, there … Continue reading

Guest Post: Early Spring College Preparation Tips for Sophomores and Juniors

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When students work with us on the college application process, a key feature of our program is to “chunk” this massive project into manageable pieces and steps. This is really the best way that students can both stay on top of the process and keep their stress levels low. Students come into our offices in many … Continue reading

Regardless of Income Level, Filling Out the FAFSA Is Beneficial

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A recent Wall Street Journal article encourages all families, including those in the upper income brackets, to fill out the FAFSA if they have a child headed for college in the fall. While somewhat time-consuming and tedious, even if your family doesn’t qualify for need-based financial aid, there are many perks to filing this important paperwork. One … Continue reading

Developing “Grit”: A Focus on Social Emotional Learning

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In recent years, many schools have shifted their learning modules to incorporate and teach the principles of Social Emotional Learning, or SEL. In a NY Times piece on the process by Jessica Lahey, she notes, “In short, social emotional learning is what allows students to control their behavior, understand how their personal behavior impacts others, and enables them … Continue reading

Reflections of the First 13 Years

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This morning, I gave a presentation to a small group of Bay Area school counselors on the latest social media trends. Afterwards, I headed to my office and realized that today is the 13th anniversary of Green Ivy, the educational consulting firm I created to help students and schools with organization, time-management, and wellness issues. … Continue reading