Guest Post: Not Sure Where to Start With College Applications? We Have a Bootcamp for That!

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While I love the work that I do as a college admissions counselor, I have to admit that each year I look forward to the end of the application season. Mostly, this is so all the students I’ve helped through the application process can take a breath and relax—and so can I. Over the last decade, applying … Continue reading

Around the Office – Including Ana’s Latest Personal Essay

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Greetings!   We’re now officially a few weeks into the New Year, and at a time when those resolutions seem to falter a bit. I wrote this personal essay entitled “New Year, Old You” in last week’s San Francisco Chronicle. It’s all about how the New Year might be the best time to reclaim the “old … Continue reading

Guest Post: Tips on How to Make This A Productive and Successful Semester

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Dasha has been working at Green Ivy for several years, and is a thoughtful and popular instructor. She is finishing up her requirements for being an EMT, and has been taking additional courses since graduating from Stanford in her quest to apply to medical school. Below she shares her three tips for helping students begin … Continue reading

Happy 2016! We’re back (and better than ever!)

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Greetings! HAPPY 2016! Hope your holiday season was wonderful and restful, and that this upcoming year brings you much warmth and happiness. We’re back to our regular weekly schedule this week, and are excited about all the possibilities this new semester and year will bring. The beautiful thing about a new year in the middle … Continue reading

Resourcefulness in Education

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Now and again, our amazing Green Ivy staff write about their own personal interests.  Dasha, one of our science tutors who also minored in Biology at Stanford University, reflects on the moment she learned the importance of resourcefulness in education. I was in third grade and was tasked with the monumental responsibility of chronicling every … Continue reading

5 Tips for Avoiding Procrastination!

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1. Leave the Electronics at Home! Although we might be able to convince ourselves that we can be surrounded, but not distracted by electronics, the truth is that the distractions are inevitable. Whether it is the vibration of a text message coming through your phone, or a ping from your computer as a friend likes … Continue reading

December Newsletter

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Greetings!   I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was one filled with gratitude and good food, and that this upcoming holiday season is wonderful for you and your family.   This weekend, I came across this article in the NYTimes Sunday paper by Tony Schwartz entitled, Addicted to Distraction. I had some of my students read it … Continue reading