Inspiring Empathy and Resilience in Children

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There is no way to keep children from experiencing some of the hurt feelings, disappointment, frustration or failure that are a part of natural life. In fact, research has repeatedly shown that doing so can actually cause harm. At the same time, there are many ways of inspiring empathy and resilience in children by supporting … Continue reading

Back to School, Minus Stress!

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The beginning of a new school year brings about a mixture of emotions for students – there’s usually a combination of excitement, anticipation, anxiety and stress. Even if your teen isn’t prone to external stress, any period of transition like going back to school can bring about some semblance of positive and negative stressors.  A … Continue reading

How Sharing Family Narratives Raises Children’s Self-Esteem

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Many parents today put immense pressure to make sure that a family dinner happens every evening, and for good reason: family dinners have notable benefits, and children whose families eat together often benefit socially and emotionally. Family dinners are a great way to check in with family members (minus the smartphones) and share daily experiences. … Continue reading

Paying for Grades: What Does It Teach Your Children?

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In high school, I remember being jealous of friends and acquaintances who received rewards for their academic achievements, or who’s parents had no problem paying for grades. My parents refused to participate for both financial and ethical reasons. Over the years, I’ve heard many parents justify the “pay for As,”it is an effective method for keeping kids … Continue reading

The New SAT: A Better Test, But Still Biased?

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This spring, after nearly two decades of criticism regarding the SAT’s ability to measure the potential of high school students, the College Board released a new version of its age-old test. The main changes include a return to the 1600-point scale, no penalty for wrong answers and an optional essay. We took a look at both … Continue reading

Green Ivy’s Top Five Picks for Parental Control Apps

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One of the biggest challenges of modern parenting today is monitoring and managing children’s screen time. Many households feel some level of tension around time spent behind a screen, whether it is concern over excessive hours spent on Instagram posts or online gaming. Parental control apps can be helpful in providing structure and safety. Some … Continue reading