Green Ivy Writing Coaching and Pre-College Summer Writing Programs

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The Green Ivy writing program is designed to help students feel confident and empowered to effectively communicate their thoughts, ideas and dreams the world. We understand the importance of powerful communication skills, and recognize how intertwined students’ academic and personal success is with their ability to write well. To that end, we offer a personalized writing curriculum tailored … Continue reading

New Year, New Semester, New Goals!

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Happy 2017! We often look at the beginning of the new year as an opportunity for reflection and goal setting, we wanted to share some of our tips at Green Ivy for beginning the semester well. A recent article suggested that the key to success is ruthless self-examination (read: self-awareness) and goals and reflection are the … Continue reading

College Admissions Corner: So You’ve Been Deferred—Now What?

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Ah, December deferrals. It is not uncommon when a student applies Early Decision or Early Action for a deferral letter to hit the inbox or the mail box. We know being deferred is never the desired outcome, and parents and students shouldn’t panic (but they should expand their options.) All in all, we encourage parents … Continue reading

It’s Daylight Savings, But Is Your Child Getting Any More Sleep?

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Each week at Green Ivy, we meet with students to help them develop their time management, organization and overall executive functioning skills. When they first start working with us, many assume that our focus will be entirely on studying efficiently for tests and completing homework, so they are surprised when we talk to them about … Continue reading

Managing College Applications

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Now that the admissions season is in full swing here at Green Ivy, we thought it might be helpful to share some suggestions and strategies on managing what can easily become an overwhelming process. While most of what we offer here is aimed at students, there are some tips that parents might find helpful as … Continue reading