“Notification Nation”: Gentry Magazine in Conversation with Ana Homayoun

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The last time Gentry Magazine sat down with our founder, Ana Homayoun, it was 2012 and her book The Myth of the Perfect Girl had just been released. For this month’s issue, she sat down with them again to discuss her third book, Social Media Wellness: Helping Tweens and Teens Thrive in an Unbalanced Digital World.  The book aims to … Continue reading

Social Media and Female Friendships: It’s Complicated

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Green Ivy founder, Ana Homayoun, was recently interviewed by The Daily Beast about the influence of social media on female friendships, and the layers of complexity things like group texts and messaging apps have added to the equation. “One of the biggest examples is teen girls calling for ‘Instasupport’ from their friends, which means that if a friend … Continue reading

How to Help Your Children Balance Their Online and IRL Lives

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Given the pervasiveness of technology and social media in nearly all of our lives, the topic of how best to help students regulate and balance their online and IRL lives comes up frequently at our Green Ivy offices. While we’ve looked at a variety of parental monitoring apps (along with their pros and cons) we also wanted … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Parental Monitoring Apps

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Recent studies show that teens and tweens are spending a lot of time online—in fact, teenagers (ages 13-18) use an average of nine hours of entertainment media per day, and tweens (ages 8-12) use an average of six hours a day. Given these rates of consumption, parents are often faced with a two-fold dilemma: understanding what activities … Continue reading

Thoughts on Organization, Time Management and Taking My Own Advice

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For many years now, I’ve worked with students of all ages to strengthen their time management and organization skills based on the strategies in Ana’s first book, That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week. I believe whole heartedly in these methods, and have seen first hand how they positively impact student’s academic and personal lives. The tenets … Continue reading

How Much Homework Is Too Much?

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A common question posed by educators, parents and students centers around daily homework: how much is too much? While there isn’t one answer that fits every subject, school or individual student, we wanted to look at both sides of the issue. On the one hand, homework can achieve the necessary goal of reinforcing material learned … Continue reading

Staff Post: How to Avoid Sleep Deprivation and Get the Ultimate Night’s Rest

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This post was written by Harsh, a popular Green Ivy tutor and neuroscience major. One of the most important facets of our work here at Green Ivy is helping students improve not only their academic and organizational skills, but also their life habits. Students often don’t realize that their well-bring is composed of many things, including nutrition, … Continue reading

The Impact of Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation on Children, Tweens and Teens

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Much of our work at Green Ivy revolves around helping students build their overall executive functioning skills, which in part, involves teaching simple strategies for time management and organization. We also take a holistic approach to student wellness, and encourage students to reflect on their overall well-being, which includes stress management, nutrition and sleep. In terms of … Continue reading

New Year, New Semester, New Goals!

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Happy 2017! We often look at the beginning of the new year as an opportunity for reflection and goal setting, we wanted to share some of our tips at Green Ivy for beginning the semester well. A recent article suggested that the key to success is ruthless self-examination (read: self-awareness) and goals and reflection are the … Continue reading

It’s Daylight Savings, But Is Your Child Getting Any More Sleep?

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Each week at Green Ivy, we meet with students to help them develop their time management, organization and overall executive functioning skills. When they first start working with us, many assume that our focus will be entirely on studying efficiently for tests and completing homework, so they are surprised when we talk to them about … Continue reading