At Green Ivy Educational Consulting, we believe that children should have the opportunity to trust in their own unique academic and extracurricular abilities.

We’ve been working with Green Ivy for several months now and are very impressed with the kindness and talent of the tutors. They appear to use time efficiently, and are thoughtful in their suggestions. My daughter has a quiz in biology tomorrow and my husband said, “I don’t know how she’s going to do on the test, but she knows the material cold.” Thanks!

M.A., Mountain View, CA

Our high school aged son has worked with Ana via Skype from London for the past year. During this time, we have seen a marked improvement in his organizational skills, as well as a dramatic increase in his grades across all subjects during this time, and he now has a 3.7 GPA!! We are especially thrilled that he has become a more confident and motivated student since working with Ana, and that he is finally able to complete his work efficiently and has time for other activities.

In addition, she has taken a lot of the “parental angst” out of the homework situation. Most remarkably, Ana has the unique ability to work with teenagers in a way that makes them feel good about themselves.

Parents, American School in London

Green Ivy has been truly transformative for my 8th grade son, as well as our family. For the last two years, my son would start off each school year with a bang, but slowly slipped into disorganization and seeming lack of motivation (with attendant parental nagging and frustration). He would “forget” about assignments or even forget to turn in completed assignments. We literally thought he might not graduate from 7th grade. Now, his tutor helps our son stay organized, monitors his grades, keeps him on task and works on technical skills where needed. The nightly homework struggle is gone. Our son is confident and motivated, and not only made the A Honor Roll 1st and 2nd quarter, but his grades also improved in the 2nd quarter!

S.M., Los Altos, CA

Green Ivy has been the most valuable resource for our son throughout his high school experience. They have provided help in almost every subject, from Honors English to AP US History. Most recently, with his tutors’ help my son improved his Honors Physics grade from a B- to an A-.

Perhaps the most resounding testimonial is that despite a busy sports schedule and social life, my son has never once complained about going to a session! Even a teenage boy sees its value and results. As a parent, I have peace of mind knowing he is getting quality one-on-one study time without distraction. Ana and her staff have done a fantastic job of matching tutors to his needs and personality. They truly care about my son’s success in high school and beyond.

Chris C., Saratoga, CA

At Green Ivy, we love the “one-on-one” attention that’s missing in the classroom.

We first chose Green Ivy over six years ago for our eldest child, and have continued using them since. I particularly like their professional approach and their outstanding communication, as they provide both parents and students with progress reports. All three of our children have been paired with highly qualified tutors that have positively impacted their self-confidence and success in the classroom.