Happy Sweet Sixteen To Green Ivy Educational Consulting!!

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A few weeks ago, we celebrated our 16th anniversary at Green Ivy Educational Consulting. This anniversary kind of crept up on me, and it wasn’t until a Facebook memory popped up in my feed reminding me of a past year anniversary that I stopped and took note. We’ve had a lot of wonderful things happen … Continue reading

NYC Event on June 18th on The Culture of Perfectionism: Understanding and Overcoming the Unique Stress of Our High Stress, High Impact World

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When I wrote my second book, The Myth of the Perfect Girl, I interviewed many pre-teens, teens and young adult women on the particular challenges of today’s world. I also benefited from having over a decade of experience working with young people on the unique aspects of today’s always on, all the time culture. When … Continue reading

Lateovers, Sleepovers and The Morning After

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  A version of this was also printed on my website www.anahomayoun.com and on the Huffington Post here. As spring turns to summer, high school prom season is in full swing, there are inevitably more parents hosting slumber parties and sending their kids to sleepovers in other families’ homes. Last week, I was speaking at … Continue reading

How To Really Encourage Your Daughter’s Leadership Abilities

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  A version of this article appeared in the Huffington Post. One of the most defining moments of my college career is a time I don’t often think about anymore. At the time, of course, it was completely nerve-wracking. It was the middle of the first semester of my sophomore year, and I had decided … Continue reading

Are Teen Girls Falling Flat From “Leaning In” Too Far? Ambition, Socialization and Technology

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“What do you like to do for fun?” I often pose this question to the over-scheduled and stressed out teenage girls who come into my office. Some give me a look as if to say the last time they did something seemingly fun and frivolous was a spontaneous trip to the ice skating rink years … Continue reading

HBO Girls Star Allison Williams and the Pressure to Be Perfect

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In the April 2013 issue of Town and Country magazine, recent Yale grad and Girls television star Allison Williams talks about her own internal struggles with perfection and how she was an overscheduled, stressed out high school student. She candidly admits, “I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect. Between homework and sports … Continue reading