Happy Sweet Sixteen To Green Ivy Educational Consulting!!

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A few weeks ago, we celebrated our 16th anniversary at Green Ivy Educational Consulting. This anniversary kind of crept up on me, and it wasn’t until a Facebook memory popped up in my feed reminding me of a past year anniversary that I stopped and took note. We’ve had a lot of wonderful things happen … Continue reading

How to Help Kids Disrupt ‘Bro Culture’

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When we consider the overall wellness of students, looking at the cultural messages they receive is a critical place to start. Given recent events in the news, including several women in tech industry who have come forward to report instances of harassment, the underbelly of what has been labeled “bro culture” has been exposed. Over the past few … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Parental Monitoring Apps

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Recent studies show that teens and tweens are spending a lot of time online—in fact, teenagers (ages 13-18) use an average of nine hours of entertainment media per day, and tweens (ages 8-12) use an average of six hours a day. Given these rates of consumption, parents are often faced with a two-fold dilemma: understanding what activities … Continue reading

Encouraging the Right Post-High School Educational Experience for Every Student

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Pursuing a four-year bachelor’s degree after high school is the cultural norm in the United States, and a decades-long “college for all” campaign has made it a national issue. As a result, most jobs, even those not necessarily requiring an advanced degree, still have a large proportion of four-year degree holders. As reported by The New … Continue reading

New Year, New Semester, New Goals!

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Happy 2017! We often look at the beginning of the new year as an opportunity for reflection and goal setting, we wanted to share some of our tips at Green Ivy for beginning the semester well. A recent article suggested that the key to success is ruthless self-examination (read: self-awareness) and goals and reflection are the … Continue reading

Reflection and Weekly Regroups: Crucial Components in Student Success

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I was recently working with a student who adopted Green Ivy’s organizational and time-management techniques, and has been using them with an inspiring level of success in the new school year. Instead of feeling confident and elated, his new organizational prowess (and related increased productivity and free time) made him feel nervous, because he had … Continue reading

How Sharing Family Narratives Raises Children’s Self-Esteem

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Many parents today put immense pressure to make sure that a family dinner happens every evening, and for good reason: family dinners have notable benefits, and children whose families eat together often benefit socially and emotionally. Family dinners are a great way to check in with family members (minus the smartphones) and share daily experiences. … Continue reading

The Social Media Effect on Teen Body Image: Unrealistic, Photo-Shopped Ideals

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It can be hard being a teenager. There are so many spoken and unspoken expectations, realizations, and rationalizations they have to deal with on a daily basis, and adults often don’t fully appreciate the complexities of today’s teenage world. Teenagers have always struggled with the need to fit in with their peers, and sometimes this … Continue reading

Guest Post: Writing—One Way For Students to Be Happier?

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When I read this New York Times Wellness blog article about how writing, and more importantly, re-writing our life stories can make us happier, it made intrinsic sense to me. All forms of writing offer us a chance to reflect and organize our thoughts, and can often help us understand ourselves from a different perspective. In school, however, … Continue reading