“Notification Nation”: Gentry Magazine in Conversation with Ana Homayoun

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The last time Gentry Magazine sat down with our founder, Ana Homayoun, it was 2012 and her book The Myth of the Perfect Girl had just been released. For this month’s issue, she sat down with them again to discuss her third book, Social Media Wellness: Helping Tweens and Teens Thrive in an Unbalanced Digital World.  The book aims to … Continue reading

How Much Homework Is Too Much?

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A common question posed by educators, parents and students centers around daily homework: how much is too much? While there isn’t one answer that fits every subject, school or individual student, we wanted to look at both sides of the issue. On the one hand, homework can achieve the necessary goal of reinforcing material learned … Continue reading

The Power of Writing by Hand in the Age of Keyboards

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There’s a big underlying debate in education on the importance of handwriting. Some educators feel teaching handwriting, especially cursive, is passé, a skill only to be focused on in a student’s first years of elementary school and abandoned for keyboard learning in later years. Research suggests that would be a mistake, as there seems to be … Continue reading

Creative Ways to Limit Screentime This Summer

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Summer is officially in full swing, which means more free time/screentime for everyone. Before your child settles into a Grey’s Anatomy binge watch on her phone, we wanted to offer up some creative ways of limiting your children’s time on electronics during the long hot days ahead. On the heels of seeing the documentary Screenagers, we … Continue reading

Developing “Grit”: A Focus on Social Emotional Learning

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In recent years, many schools have shifted their learning modules to incorporate and teach the principles of Social Emotional Learning, or SEL. In a NY Times piece on the process by Jessica Lahey, she notes, “In short, social emotional learning is what allows students to control their behavior, understand how their personal behavior impacts others, and enables them … Continue reading