Paying for Grades: What Does It Teach Your Children?

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In high school, I remember being jealous of friends and acquaintances who received rewards for their academic achievements, or who’s parents had no problem paying for grades. My parents refused to participate for both financial and ethical reasons. Over the years, I’ve heard many parents justify the “pay for As,”it is an effective method for keeping kids … Continue reading

Creative Ways to Limit Screentime This Summer

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Summer is officially in full swing, which means more free time/screentime for everyone. Before your child settles into a Grey’s Anatomy binge watch on her phone, we wanted to offer up some creative ways of limiting your children’s time on electronics during the long hot days ahead. On the heels of seeing the documentary Screenagers, we … Continue reading

So, About That College Application Personal Statement…..

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There’s never the perfect time to start writing a personal statement for college applications. But there is always a great time to start thinking about ideas and personal stories you would like to write about – now. At Green Ivy, we have worked with students on the college application process for over a decade. We know … Continue reading

Five Ways to Encourage “Real” Reading in Teens, Even Resistant Readers

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I came across an interesting article in Education Week which focuses on how teachers can get reading-resistant students authentically engaged in the reading process. ‘Authentic engagement’ essentially means motivating students in a way that inspires their intrinsic motivations to read, not just simply assigning texts and hoping for the best. The rules are simple: let … Continue reading

Great Ways to Prevent the So-Called “Summer Slide” in Learning (Including Green Ivy Workshops!)

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Research varies on exactly how much knowledge students lose over the summer months, and in what subjects the deficits occur—it has been shown that students from all income levels lose math skills, while lower income students show a greater amount of reading comprehension loss than their middle and upper income peers—however, there is compelling evidence that using … Continue reading

Guest Post: Early Spring College Preparation Tips for Sophomores and Juniors

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When students work with us on the college application process, a key feature of our program is to “chunk” this massive project into manageable pieces and steps. This is really the best way that students can both stay on top of the process and keep their stress levels low. Students come into our offices in many … Continue reading

Guest Post: Writing—One Way For Students to Be Happier?

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When I read this New York Times Wellness blog article about how writing, and more importantly, re-writing our life stories can make us happier, it made intrinsic sense to me. All forms of writing offer us a chance to reflect and organize our thoughts, and can often help us understand ourselves from a different perspective. In school, however, … Continue reading