College Admissions Article: College Says it Exaggerated SAT Scores for Ratings

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This is a bit of old news in that it came out a few weeks ago, but provides for interesting fodder nonetheless. In this article in the New York Times, Claremont McKenna, one of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges admits to inflating their reported SAT scores. When average SAT scores from colleges are reported to such organizations like U.S News & World Report, those scores are one of the factors used to rank the school against other colleges.

It seems a bit ironic that a college would be just as nervous about its SAT scores as students tend to be – and it is an important reminder that post-secondary school plans should always be individualized to fall within the abilities, strengths and talents of each student. Focusing only on grades and numbers can be misleading in so many ways – especially if there are many other factors that should be taken into consideration. Parents often want their children to go to the “best” school possible, but what does that really mean? Rankings are only as good as the information behind them, and can’t nearly take every nuance into account. Students and parents need to work hard to look beyond the rankings and find the right place (and there may be more than one, of course!) for the next step of their life’s journey.
From the article:
“We want to put out very clear information so that students can make an informed decision about their school,” Mr. Franek said. “I feel like so many schools have a very clear obligation to college-bound students to report this information honestly…” – Read Full Article Here
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