The average high school guidance counselor has 478 students! With such an enormous number of students, many high school counselors aren’t able to provide individualized guidance and academic support to students.

At Green Ivy, we work with students from many different backgrounds, from student athletes to students applying to universities in the United States from abroad (particularly U.S. expatriates).

Our thoughtful, balanced approach helps students focus on their personal goals and professional objectives, and allows them to develop competitive applications and personal statements that highlight their individual strengths.

Our Complete Intensive College Admissions Counseling Program includes up to 45 hours of direct consulting time, including:

  • An initial meeting with parent(s) and student
  • Reviewing of high school classes and providing suggestions for junior and senior year
  • Emailing with parents and students as appropriate
  • Creating a schedule for SAT/ACT and SAT Subject Tests, as needed
  • Providing advice and recommendations on standardized test preparation
  • Making suggestions for summer activities, including referral to appropriate resources
  • Helping draft personal statements or resumes if necessary for summer program applications
  • Reviewing of student’s transcripts, relevant testing materials, interests and personality traits to create a list of colleges that match desires and educational interests
  • Strategically assessing student’s academic strengths and interests
  • Reviewing student questionnaires for teacher and counselor recommendations
  • Looking over parent statements (as desired)
  • Creating an organizational system that provides each student with a clear-cut method of managing time and tasks efficiently
  • Brainstorming with students for personal statement topics
  • Helping with management of responses to supplemental questions
  • Editing essays as appropriate
  • Keeping students on track to meet deadlines in a timely fashion
  • Providing weekly checklists during the fall application process
  • Offering tips and strategies to maximize productivity and decrease stress
  • Assisting in preparation for college admissions interviews
  • One-on-one meetings with student to fill out Common Application and UC forms and/or any colleges outside the Common Application
  • Reviewing completed applications before submission
  • Assisting in making the final decision after acceptances

Typical Timeline for College Counseling Intensive Students:

Sophomore/early Junior Year: Initial meeting with counselor

January/February (Junior Year): Meeting to go over transcripts and PSAT Scores, discuss standardized testing schedule and upcoming summer activities, make suggestions for senior year

April/May/June (Junior Year): Student takes standardized tests as appropriate, goes through an initial list of colleges, makes several college visits, fills out questionnaires for teacher and school counselor recommendations

Summer between Junior and Senior Year: Summer activities, final review of schools, initial drafts of personal statement(s)

August/September/October (Senior Year): Create timeline based on final school list, decide on Early Application/Early Decision process, finalize personal statements, work on supplemental questions for each school, give teachers and counselor additional background information, take standardized tests (as appropriate)

November/December (Senior Year): Finalize applications, submit EA/ED as appropriate, submit all applications by 1st week of December

January (Senior Year): Follow up with counselor for mid-year reports

April (Senior Year): Review acceptances, discuss options, and help make final decisions



Thank you again for all of your support, guidance and compassion for her (and me!) through this process.

— K.O., Mother of University of Chicago Student, Class of 2018

Hi Ana, I got into Harvard!!!!!! Thanks for everything!!!

— J.H., Harvard Class of 2015

Just wanted you to know that Jason was accepted to 9 of 10 schools…. ACCEPTED to Honors programs …with lots of merit scholarship money…. He is thrilled!!! Thanks for all your work and direction.

— J.M., Mother of Saint Francis High School Senior

I just want to let you know I truly appreciate what you have done for [my daughter].  Your calm attitude and years of experience in going through the college application process makes our journey a lot easier.  Instead of stressing out on college apps, I can spend more time with her doing things we both enjoy … and talk about her expectations and the things she want to achieve in college. Knowing that she will be leaving us in August next year, I treasure every moment of our time we are together.  Not only have you helped her in the college application process, you have also given our family peace and sanity.  Thank you.

— A.L., Mother of Cal Student, Class of 2016

Students who have worked with Green Ivy counselors have been accepted to many schools, including:

Boston College *

Boston University

Brown University *


Carnegie Mellon

Columbia University

Connecticut College

Cornell University

Dartmouth University *

Duke University

Emory University

Georgetown University

Harvard University

Harvey Mudd

Johns Hopkins University

Loyola Marymount University *

Middlebury College



Northeastern University

Northwestern University

Notre Dame *

Princeton *

Penn State




Santa Clara University *

Stanford University *


UC Berkeley *

UC Davis *


UC Santa Barbara *

Wake Forest University

Washington University in St. Louis

University of Chicago *

University of Michigan

University of Washington *

University of Wisconsin

University of San Diego


Villanova University


Yale University

* We also worked with students who have been recruited/participated in Division I or III athletics at these schools