We help students develop crucial organization, time-management, and personal productivity skills and systems that help them become and stay confident, resilient, and enthusiastic about school and life. 

Our unique strategies are practical, implementable, and results-oriented.

We give students the skills to keep track of their work and make good choices about setting and achieving personal goals. Students work with us one-on-one in our office or via Skype on a weekly basis. We also offer one-time individual and group workshops, and recommend frequent follow-up sessions to assure retention of new habits and information.

Our students have seen remarkable results, improving from a 2.5 GPA to a 3.7 GPA in less than a year, and increasing over 300+ points on the SAT (out of 1600) and 9 points on the ACT (out of 36).

While we know the importance of grade improvement, we also recognize the dramatic ripple effect that happens when students become more engaged and enthusiastic in the classroom and school community. Everyone – parents, friends, teachers, administrators – sees and feels the enormous impact!

Most importantly, we go beyond just grades and scores and challenge students to think critically about what they want to achieve in life. We encourage students to consider and develop their own personal values through asking simple, yet poignant questions:

  • Who are they?
  • Who do they want to become?
  • How do they want to get there?
  • What choices are they making/not making to help them achieve their own vision of success?
  • How can we help them on their pathway to personal success?