We provide schools with cutting-edge, top-rated consulting services through the implementation of organization and time-management skills as well as motivational student and staff coaching.

We specialize in working with schools that have one-to-one or one-to-many technology programs, and address the issues that arise when students have near constant access to technological devices.

Our services include consulting, curriculum development, and presentations, including:

  • Full School Year Consult: Our most comprehensive option is a way for schools to get thorough guidance and coaching around changing the classroom and school culture to promote organization, time-management, wellness and personal responsibility. We consult on timely topics including social media, classroom technology, stress reduction, community-building and intrinsic motivation.
  • Faculty/Staff Presentations: Our faculty in-service presentations are interactive opportunities for faculty to collaborate and come up with solutions to help their students develop better organization and time-management skills. Faculty members leave the presentation with practical tools that they can almost immediately implement in their classroom and in their own lives. Our strategies have saved teachers HUNDREDS of hours in chasing down missed assignments and addressing stressed out parents whose children have poor grades because of organizational issues.
  • Student Presentations (for grades 6-12 and university students): We present fun, interactive strategies that encourage students to be more organized, more engaged, and more confident members of their classroom and school community. In short, through our engaging presentations, we highlight the importance of simple organization and time-management skills, as well as how to overcome social media distractions and maintain overall social and emotional wellness in a stressful world. When combined with the Faculty In-Service presentations, teachers can use the student presentation as a jumping off point to introduce the strategies in the classroom.
  • Parent Presentations: Our Parent Education presentations help parents understand what is different for today’s pre-teens and teenagers, and what parents can do to help their children find success both in and out of the classroom. Presentations provide parents simple, practical, and implementable strategies that can decrease household stress and improve family harmony! We cover current topics, including: student development, organization and time-management strategies, social media awareness, and how to positively promote a child’s social and emotional development.
“Ana is a dynamic, engaging speaker who accurately portrays the challenges teens face in a 24/7 digital world.”

— Margaret Miller, Dean of Students, St. Francis High School

“Ana is current, pragmatic, and she is able to communicate solutions to the issues young people face in maneuvering their transition to adulthood.”

— Brenda Dyckman, Principal, Egan Junior High School, Los Altos, CA

“Her rapport with students, parents and faculty is so empowering and I have found her to be very knowledgeable, empathetic and solution-oriented when it comes to students and technology.”

— Parent, American School of Dubai

“I can’t recommend Ana highly enough.  She is bright, warm, engaging and incredibly professional.”

— Parent, American School of London