We provide thorough and extensive standardized test preparation for both middle and high school students. Our holistic approach helps students develop critical test-taking skills, which builds their confidence and relieves them of typical test anxiety.

We also focus on the importance of mindfulness and rest as a way to improve overall performance. Much of our work centers around a unique combination of skill-building and test-taking strategies.

Our best practices are results-oriented as we have had students improve their SAT scores by 300+ (out of 1600 total) points and increase their ACT scores up to 9 (out of 36 total) points. The SAT and ACT are very different exams. Wondering which one your child should take? Here are our thoughts.

Regardless of which standardized exam your child is preparing for, rest assured we will take our time to come up with a thoughtful, individualized strategy that takes your child’s strengths and areas for growth into consideration.

For the HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, we offer a 10-session intensive preparation program that helps familiarize students with the exams and allows them to build their skills in particular areas in a short amount of time. Our focused, strategic approach allows them to make strong gains over a concentrated amount of sessions.

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