Social Media and Female Friendships: It’s Complicated

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Green Ivy founder, Ana Homayoun, was recently interviewed by The Daily Beast about the influence of social media on female friendships, and the layers of complexity things like group texts and messaging apps have added to the equation. “One of the biggest examples is teen girls calling for ‘Instasupport’ from their friends, which means that if a friend likes their Instagram photo they’ll send her a personal message and ask her to comment on it as well–things like, ‘You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me! You’re the light of my life! You’re the beauty queen!’” said Ana. “Adult woman are dealing with the same thing, really. All of this is so interchangeable.”

The idea that we are all living our lives more than once (both online and IRL) is impacting the ways in which girls (and women) examine and experience friendships. As Rachel Simmons also points out in the article,“There are ways that teen girls and women hierarchize friendship, and one of the ways teen girls do this now is by not liking someone else’s post in a passive-aggressive way. Not only do girls and women have intimate friendships but they spend a lot of time overthinking things.”

The subject of Ana’s new book, Social Media Wellness, focuses on these and other issues, while examining the ways in which teens (and adults!) can regroup and refocus in our always on digital world. It is available for pre-order now!

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