Staff Post: New August SAT Test Date Announced

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This post was written by Harsh, a popular science and math tutor at Green Ivy.


The College Board recently released some big news—they have decided drop their January SAT test date and have added a test date August 26, 2017. This is the first time in decades that the exam has been offered during the summer, and this change could be especially beneficial for athletes and rising seniors. Previously, test dates were only offered during the school year, when these students are in the midst of winter or spring sports seasons, or working on college applications. Adding SAT prep to an already hectic schedule has the potential to both increase stress and split students’ attentions. This new summer test date provides an opportunity for athletes to prepare for the SAT with singular focus, without having to schedule around school and practice hours. For seniors, this provides an opportunity to take the SAT twice before early college application deadlines, instead of just once in September. This, along with the added benefit of doing summer test preparation, has the potential to help seniors ease into college application season more focused and relaxed.


One additional bonus for all students: this new August date allows students to take the exam immediately after the conclusion of their prep in the summer, when the material is fresh in their minds. Preparing for the SAT requires a great deal of practice, habit and retention, which has the potential to fade if the student has to wait a month to take the exam. Given this change in the SAT schedule, Green Ivy is offering more opportunities for intensive, customized SAT prep this summer, which includes diagnostic testing and practice tests. Our holistic approach helps students develop critical test-taking skills, which builds their confidence and relieves them of typical test anxiety.

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