College Admissions

Branching Out: Summer Services at Green Ivy for High School Students

loading… For many students and families, Summer 2021 offers a sense of renewed hope.  As high school students look for opportunity in a rapidly changing world, we know how it is increasingly important for teens to find outlets for building knowledge, supportive relationships, and self-reflection skills.  At Green Ivy, we’ve developed an expansive list of … Read more

Tips for Admission to the University of California System

loading… The University of California system has mostly seen an increase in admissions, especially for California residents since 2017. Nevertheless, admissions are still highly competitive, and gaining admission requires a lot of research and time spent on the application. After attending the UC Counselor Conference a few weeks ago, Green Ivy wanted to provide some … Read more

Advising 101: Tips from the UC Counselor Conference

loading… As many of us know, admissions to the University of California system has become increasingly selective over the years, particularly in the past decade. For instance, freshman applications at UC Berkeley have doubled in that time, and all UC campuses have now crossed the threshold of 100,000 for freshman and transfer applications each cycle. Given … Read more

The Summer Before Senior Year: A Fantastic Time to Work on College Applications

loading… When putting together our college counseling services at Green Ivy, we made sure to build in four-day intensive college application “bootcamps” for all of our students to complete the summer before senior year. This workshop allows them to jump start the application process in a structured and supportive environment, while giving them a foundation … Read more

Advising 101: How Best to Spend the Summer Before College—Great Ideas for High School Graduates

loading… The summer before college can be a pivotal time for students, in part because finishing high school means they are one step closer to adulthood. While we at Green Ivy believe graduates should take time in these months to relax, see friends, and pursue the activities they enjoy, this can also be an optimal … Read more

Advising 101: Getting a Jump Start on Your Common App Activities List

loading… Because the space on the Common Application is limited to 10 activities and brief descriptions of each, it can be very helpful to craft a résumé or list of all your extracurriculars before you log them on the application. Also, you can use the list for the UC Application as a blueprint for creating a … Read more