05 March 2019
All About the Culture of Perfectionism: Helping Teens Overcome the Fear of Failure and Never Being Good Enough

TIME TBD | Carlmont High School

Belmont, CA


In today’s world of high expectations, many individuals – regardless of age – feel an underlying or overarching anxiety of never feeling good enough, and believing that something is “missing” in their pursuit of achievement, success, and happiness. It doesn’t have to be this way! Ana Homayoun discusses the importance of recognizing that we each have our own internal definition of perfection, which is often the first step in redefining and honing values, developing healthy habits, and pursuing a purpose-filled life.

26 March 2019
Crumpled Papers, Missing Files, and Fortnite: How to Motivate Students Manage Social Media and Technology Distractions in Elementary and Middle School

6:30 PM | Las Lomitas Elementary School District

Menlo Park, CA


As more elementary and middle schools use technology in the classroom, including programs in which each child has their own device, students face a challenging paradox: the very tools they use to get their work done — tablets and computers — often provide the biggest distraction from completing their work and retaining information. In this digital transition, we’ve failed to help students develop habits to manage their digital workflow and get their work done more effectively. We want to set our students up for success, but what organizational and time-management practices can we put in place? There are effective strategies that make a difference. In this presentation, bestselling author Ana Homayoun (That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last WeekThe Myth of the Perfect GirlSocial Media Wellness) provides practical, implementable tips on how to encourage students’ development of executive functioning skills, and addresses some of the real life dilemmas in the new paradox of educational technology and social media distractions.

27 March 2019
The Myth of the Perfect Girl: Helping Our Daughters Find Authentic Success and Happiness in School and Life

6:30 PM | Katherine Delmar Burke School

San Francisco, CA


In today’s achievement culture, many girls seem to be doing remarkably well — excelling in honors and sports and attending top colleges in ever greater numbers — but beneath the surface, girls are stressed and exhausted from striving to be “perfect.” Their efforts to juggle schoolwork and extracurriculars, family and social obligations, as well as relationships online and IRL (in the real world), can make many girls lose sight of their own unique abilities. With honesty, empathy, and a fresh perspective, Ana Homayoun presents advice to empower both parents and girls themselves to discover what true success and happiness means to them. Ana offers practical, thoughtful solutions to promote the healthy social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness of today’s young girls and women.