New Horizons: Summer at Green Ivy for Middle School Students

Summer almost always seems to usher in a collective mood change. It provides an opportunity to try new things, discover hidden passions, and explore new places. Now, more than ever, middle school students will be looking toward the summer with excitement in their eyes.

At Green Ivy, we know that middle school students are going through a rich stage of cognitive development and identity formation. Our goal for Summer 2021 is to provide a wide range of creative mini-courses designed to guide middle schoolers to cultivate their own skills and passions. 

Below, we’ve provided an overview of our middle school options for mini-courses, writing, and academic readiness. We hope all students can find something that resonates with their interests and goals ~ to explore each of our offerings in more detail, please visit our registration page.

1. Mini-Courses

Our mini-courses are short, interactive and fun 3-5 session courses designed to foster skill growth, foresight, and self-expression. Learn more and register online here. 

Poetry (5 sessions): Students who take our poetry mini-course emerge as more confident writers and readers of poetry — the goal is to foster creativity and self-expression while learning practical analytical skills.

Selfhood: A Journey in Self-Exploration (5 sessions): Middle school can be a vital period of self-exploration. Through a combination of reflective discussions, readings, and group activities, participants investigate their own origins and identities. 

Creative Nonfiction (4 sessions): This mini-course is all about how to tell a good, true story. Students receive guidance on how to organize, craft, and revise their own nonfictional narratives.

Digital Literacy (3 sessions): In an increasingly digital world, students are learning how to navigate a wide range of apps, technologies, and social media. This course helps students develop their own blueprint for technology use in a way that promotes social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

2. Writing and Academic Readiness

We know this pandemic school year has resulted in learning lags for many students, and our summer writing and academic readiness programs are designed to equip youth with effective academic strategies and subject-specific skills. To sign up for any of our writing and academic readiness summer programs, please contact us.

One-on-One Writing Workshop: Our 8-, 12- and 15-session writing workshop curriculum is highly flexible and customizable, with comprehensive lessons covering critique-writing, rhetorical analysis, fictional narratives, and more. To learn more about our writing workshop options, visit our services page.

Organizational Workshop: This ninety-minute workshop is a foundational workshop that we offer year-round to begin our work around executive functioning work with students. Offered as a standalone session or as a precursor to weekly sessions, the organizational workshop guides students to build actionable goals, establish effective planning systems, and discover their own blueprint for success.

SSAT Strategy Overview (for students considering applying to private schools): This five-session workshop is designed to help students understand the format and timing of the SSAT test, preview the kinds of questions they can expect, and learn how to prepare in advance of their test date.

Our 2021 Summer Services provide a wide range of academic, creative, and reflective opportunities for personal growth. We teach every course with a holistic approach, aiming to help students become more confident in their ability to express themselves, plan ahead, and explore new things. 

If you have questions about any of our courses or programs, please feel welcome to contact us.

We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful summer full of growth, community, and laughter.