The Big Picture: Summer at Green Ivy

At Green Ivy, we know summer 2021 feels especially momentous —and our Summer 2021 services are designed to promote wellness, academic readiness, and self-expression through a wide variety of mini-courses and workshops. Curious to learn more? We wanted to share broad overviews of our five categories of summer services: college application support, writing workshops, subject-specific instruction, mini-courses, and test prep

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1. College Application Support

Every student has compelling narratives to share — our college counseling work helps students organize their stories into polished, well-crafted college applications. For more than two decades, we’ve provided holistic college advising to students of diverse interests and academic backgrounds. From four-day intensive boot camps to longer-term, weekly programs, we offer a wide range of college counseling services that guide students through all aspects of the college admissions process, including: activities lists, personal statements, supplemental essays, navigating the Common App, and more.

For a complete list of our college counseling workshops and programs, visit our college counseling page!

2. Writing Workshops

With guidance, validation, and the freedom to choose topics of genuine interest, anybody can become a great writer. Our highly personalized writing workshops aim not only to build writing skills, but also to help students discover their own sources of joy in writing. Our workshops range from 8 to 15 sessions in length, and delve into a variety of topics, including: creative writing, literary analysis, quote incorporation, persuasive writing, reading comprehension, movie critiques, revisions, and more. We have a rich curriculum of activities for students that can be modified to suit each student’s needs and interests. Click here to learn more about our writing services.

3. Subject-Specific Instruction

We know these past eighteen months have been unusual, and Zoom and hybrid learning haven’t always been conducive to long-term learning comprehension and mastery. To address and remedy learning lags, we provide subject-specific review programs for students of all ages. From middle school math to upper-level chemistry and Spanish, our staff is ready to provide quality instruction in tough subjects. Our goal is to help students review or preview difficult material in a patient, fun, and personalized environment.

4. Mini-Courses

At Green Ivy, we believe in finding creative ways to make learning fun. Our unique selection of mini-courses range from 2- to 5-sessions long, offering students of all grade levels the opportunity to experiment with creative outlets and build practical knowledge. Our mini-courses have received rave reviews from students and families, and our most popular options include: Poetry Writing, Selfhood: A Journey in Self-Exploration, Sustainable Solutions for Environmental Issues, and more. To view our full selection of mini-courses, visit our enrollment page!

5. Test Prep

Our results-driven approach has helped hundreds of students perform to the best of their ability on standardized tests of all kinds. We’ve had students improve 2-300+ on the SATs, and 9 points (out of 36 total!) for the ACT. All our test preparation work is personalized based on diagnostic test results. For students considering applying to a private middle or high school, we also offer customized support on the ISEE and HSPT exams. Please visit our services page to learn more about our diverse test prep options.

To browse our summer offerings in more detail, see our separate posts on middle school services and high school services.

We are beyond excited to help families and students discover new sources of joy and confidence this summer. Our hope is that any student can find something in our offerings that speaks to their unique interests. We welcome your questions and inquiries — you can contact us here!