The Summer Before Senior Year: A Fantastic Time to Work on College Applications

When putting together our college counseling services at Green Ivy, we made sure to build in four-day intensive college application “bootcamps” for all of our students to complete the summer before senior year. This workshop allows them to jump start the application process in a structured and supportive environment, while giving them a foundation of work to build upon once the busyness of their academics and activities start in the fall.

In the many years that we have offered these bootcamps, the sense of relief and accomplishment from students at the end of the workshop is always evident, and they often remark how much it reduced their anxieties around the process as a whole. In a recent article, the Los Altos Town Crier echoes this sentiment, and we are thrilled that Green Ivy’s college counseling services and overall philosophy were highlighted:

“A lot of the things we do in our office are all about helping students understand their own story and figure out a way to present it that is comprehensive and yet really meaningful. Each student is unique, and a lot of times, by the time you get to senior year, you think you’re just like everyone else – you don’t necessarily fully realize your uniqueness.”

—Ana Homayoun, founder, Green Ivy Educational Consulting

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